Atlanta’s SW PE Pipes revolutionize municipal drainage system

Atlanta launched yet another breakthrough in the field of municipal drainage systems as it adds Structured Wall Polyethylene (PE) Pipes amongst its roster of revolutionary products. 

With an established reputation for manufacturing innovative thermoplastic building materials in the Philippines, Atlanta has proven unstoppable in bringing new solutions to our country’s prevailing building problems from water distribution, wastewater drainage, and even flood control.

Proving to push the boundaries of building material technology, Atlanta Structured Wall HDPE Pipe offers developers, infrastructure planners, and contractors a better and cost-effective alternative to RCP (Reinforced Concrete Pipe) for sanitary and stormwater systems across the country. 

Structured Wall HDPE Pipe offers the following advantages:

1. 100 Years Design Life- Due to being chemically inert, SWP does not break or react even when exposed to acids and bases reducing maintenance and replacements costs

2. Low Total Installed Costs- SWP comes in lengths of 6 meters and requires less jointing vs traditional RCP saving time and costs for contractors and developers

3. Leak Proof- SWP is jointed through electrofusion welding, all pipes are integrated with electrofusion wire in their socket. The fused joint becomes a homogeneous material and will not leak even when subject to hard abuse

4. Complete Product Sizes- We offer the largest locally produced pipe in the market, up to 3000MM in diameter. Can cater for all types of project requirements

5. Tough Material- HDPE is five times more abrasion resistant than concrete and is crack resistant

 Atlanta HDPE Structured Wall Pipe represents the latest advancements in material and manufacturing technology. HDPE Structured Wall Pipe is now the frontrunner in replacing traditional pipe system materials. Atlanta SW PE Pipe is ideal for the following applications:

1. Storm Water Systems

2. Sewerage systems

3. Drainage Systems

4. Culverts

5. Pipe Rehabilitations

6. Mining Drainage

7. Landfill Drainage


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