Primarily responsible for the main processes of the company, the Production team is in charge of hubbing, cutting, bending, and assembly of Atlanta products, including doors and windows. The Production team runs four main production centers with a total of 72 machines for mixing, compounding, extrusion, injection, and fabrication.


Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing Atlanta’s Quality Control Plan. They check incoming raw materials and finished products to ensure everything passes local and international standards, from quality moisture content, inline conversions, physical appearance, all the way to the product’s.



The Logistics team ensures that all products reach our customers on time, all their orders are correct, and that the supply chain runs smoothly. Their planning process covers all production requirements, guaranteeing that customers’ per project needs are met in a timely manner.


Sales & Customer Service

The Sales and Customer Service team prides itself in their high value for transparency. Knowledgeable and well trained in sales and customer service, they aim to always deliver prompt services, and to have a solution-based mindset in order to help customers with their project requirements.